Whatever your listening tastes, there's an airband radio to suit you fine.

Tecsun PL660 Portable Radio

This multiband portable from Tecsun is hot! High-tech and feature packed, this beauty is ideal entertainment at home and on your travels too.

Check out the Tecsun PL660 while you can still get it!

Kaito KA12AIR Airwave Radio

If your travelling light this FM/Air model is just what you need. Palm sized, long battery life and a great sound with or without earbuds.

Find out more about the Kaito KA12AIR.

Maycom AR-108 Airband Scanner

A must have for the real airband enthusiast. Features purely civil air communications and weather broadcasts. Palm sized, lightweight and uncomplicated scanner. 

Here's why the Maycom AR-108 is a classic.

Grundig G6 Aviator Multiband

Light and stylish portable featuring FM, AM, SW and Air. Stay in touch with the world with Short Wave radio wherever you go! Features clock and alarm too.

Discover more about the Grundig G6 Aviator.

Uniden BC72XLT Bearcat Scanner

Quality handheld scanning radio receiver to keep you in touch with local two-way radio communications including NASCAR, marine and air bandwidths. Lightweight, compact and robust.

Check out all the Uniden BC72XLT features.

Grundig Satellite 750 Multiband

This maybe the only desktop or bedside multiband radio you'll ever need. Features FM, AM, Long and Short Wave and Airband too. Plus clock and alarm. Lovely deep sound and distinguished good looks.

More details about the Grundig Satellite 750 here.

Kaito KA009 Emergency Radio

This is a rare emergency radio in that it features aviation radio too - as well as five other wavebands! And with four ways to power it up, it is definitely a remarkable little radio - well worth checking out!

But read the Kaito KA009 review here before buying.

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